The Ten Gates Review

The Ten Gates

Rivers of energy flow though each of use.  In chinse medicine, the meridians are the channels which the Chi the life energy flows.  Yogic channels, the Nadis channel Parana the life source Prana. The chakras are located where the Nadis cross.  In the tantric tradition there are 7 major chakras located in the subtle body.   This massage seeks to align and balance the chakra and free the flow of Prana.  A whole-body massage including reflexology and aromatherapy. 

It is strongly recommended that Connecting with the senses has been experienced before The Ten Gates.  This is the foundation assisting the mind body link to reconnect to accept pleasure from the senses and to become emerged in bliss.

Stating with some yoga inspired stretches attuned to your needs to awaken the body.  Before we move into a ritual to create a ceremonial space. 

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