Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga

With its grace and slow, soft flowing movements has often been commented that Dru Yoga is a blend of Yoga and Tai Chi.  The flow between the asanas (yoga poses) are soft and slow, mindfully moving between them.  As with traditional yoga practice the movement between asanas are performed synchronised with the breath and often are accompanied with a visualisation.

Movements originate from the spine improving the spines flexibility as a healthy spine supports your yoga practice.  A deep connection with the chakras the energy centres of the body ensuring they are kept in line with each other allow access to the powerful heart energy.

Working with energy block release sequences which are easy to practice with these flowing movements the body and mind is able to release and physical, mental and emotional tensions.

Dru practice builds core strength and stability and including the spinal wave and spinal twist which enhances spinal health and vitality.

You will often find within a practice powerful moments of stillness are encountered. These are called Dru points, allowing the body and mind to fully absorb the essence of the session.