Mens Group

A group of 2-10 guys that meet on a regular basis we share what is happening in our lives to talk about the best ways navigate their situations. The purpose of the group it so help each other to have better lives.

Rowan acts as the facilitator, who ensuring that everyone will have the opportunity to talk and encourages conversation to keep a steady flow. Rowan works to help make everyone feel comfortable as much as possible.

Each man has an opportunity update the group on their lives and then ask for support from the other members by them offering feedback and perspective on whatever issues or opportunities the guys may face.

Oftentimes, men are attending men’s groups to talk about things that they are not fully comfortable discussing with others in their lives. They might feel that they don’t want to burden their partner or best friend with their problems or don’t even want to tell them at all due to embarrassment. The group offers 100% confidential and a safe place to discuss anything you might be facing.

You might have countless people in your lives to spend time with, but you are looking for that support group to tell about some f*cked up shit that happened a while back. That is what we’re here for.

If you are shy no one is obligated to speak, but the group will support you and make you feel welcome when you do talk.

It doesn’t always benefit you to have people say what you want to hear. With a variety of topics in men’s support groups, it can be helpful to know the absolute truth even if it’s uncomfortable. In a men’s group, the challenge can be healthy! 

And it’s not just sharing our own situations that lead to learning and growth. Active listening is important. By listening to others and their unique situations, you will find different perspectives and knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your life. It’s not just sharing our own situations that lead to learning and growth.

Guys who are joining men’s groups vary in age, orientation. At first, it might feel more comfortable to meet with a group of guys who are all in the same careers as you or who watch the same football team that you do. But having a more diverse group of guys will help you see different sides to issues that you may be facing and will help you grow more. Most men’s groups encourage diversity.

Currently limited to 8 people