Death Cafe

Opportunity to talk openly and frankly about death and dying.  A discussion group rather than counselling.  There is no set agenda apart from people coming together to talk about issues around death and dying.

The objective of death cafes is to raise awareness of death with a view to helping people to make the most of the lives.

The session is free a donation to help cover the cost of room hire is welcomed.  Bringing some cakes or biscuits that would be welcomed!

Details can be found at

Currently a maximum of 8 people


Ho’oponopono Introduction and Ceremony

Ho’oponopono Introduction and Ceremony

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not about condoning or accepting what has happened or is happening. Forgiveness is about releasing that experience so that it no longer holds power over you.

We can weight ourselves down by carrying blame, guilt and feeling that we are the victim.  It takes a lot of emotional energy to sustain those feelings of resentment, of being wronged.

Can you find the strength to offer unconditional forgiveness?  What does that even mean?  Why would you forgive someone that has wronged you?

In Ho’oponopono we practice unconditional forgiveness.  This has a number of benefits for everyone.  For you release the hold that someone or some event has over you.  This frees more of your energy to be applied to what is important to you.  You also the release and apologise to the universe any wrong or hurt that you have caused knowingly or unknowingly.  This frees more energy for you and the universe to use.

This introduction covers the history of Ho’oponopono and allow a brief moving practice to experience the power of expressing your regret.

Ho’oponopono helps you move to the reality you want by using positive thought.

I’m Sorry,  Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you